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Valentine's Day Baking Ideas

I used to bake a ton before I had multiple times a week. And one of my favourite holidays to bake for was Valentine's Day! Like, come on, ALL the cute pink sprinkles! I've come up with some fun food activities that are super easy, kid-friendly, and fun for even just yourself to make love day a little sweeter!

Scroll through for the how-to on heart-shaped waffles, V-Day-themed cinnamon rolls, adorable heart cookies, and a chocolate heart smash cake! PS. How cute is that heart mug? Also, check out some super pretty & awesome cookbooks here! Happy Baking!

First up, Heart Cookies...

To make things really easy I bought the Pillsbury Sugar Cookie hearts. If you are really bored you can totally make your own heart sugar cookies from scratch. Here are some fun cookie cutters. Once those cookies are baked, melt white chocolate in the microwave in 20-sec intervals until fully melted. You can use white chocolate wafers or white chocolate chips. Add drops of red or pink food colouring to the white chocolate once melted for your desired colour. I love Wilton gel food colouring but I used a generic liquid grocery store brand for this and it still turned out fine! Dip the cookie into the chocolate and lay it on parchment paper, sprinkle it with sprinkles before it dries! Repeat with each cookie. For some, I drizzled white chocolate over the cookie with a spoon. That's it!

V-Day Inspired Cinnamon Rolls...

Once again, to keep things quick and easy I bought the Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls with Icing. I added red/pink food colouring to the icing. I melted the icing for a few seconds, then drizzled it over the cinnamon buns and added some sprinkles! They definitely taste better from scratch but you know, #momlife. Here is a link to my buttercream icing recipe if you feel like making your own!

Valentine's Day Heart Waffles...

I LOVE my new heart waffle machine. It makes the most adorable little heart-shaped waffles. I used an organic pancake mix from the grocery store and it worked great to make fluffy, soft waffles Emmerson could enjoy! Well worth the price as I am making it our new Valentine's Day tradition. Top with lots of fun things like whipped cream, drizzled white chocolate, sprinkles & fruit! Here I used Fancy Sprinkles in Stupid Cupid.

Breakable Chocolate Heart...

These smashing chocolate geometric hearts are all the rage these days! Fairly simple to make, requires a little more time than my other ideas above, but so worth it! You can find the heart mold I used here. I also ordered a smaller option to try cake pops with, here. I'll link some more mold options for you here!

I started by melting some white chocolate so that it was super runny. I poured it into the mold then tipped the mold around so that the chocolate completely covered every part of it in a decent layer. Put it in the freezer to harden and repeat the steps again with a second layer. After this second layer is hardened, pop your chocolate heart out. I used some pink paint on mine (which honestly didn't work great, I think due to the condensation coming out of the fridge, but here it is). Then after a night of that drying, I drizzled it with more white chocolate, coloured pink with food colouring, and poured lots of sprinkles on! Flip it over and fill it with fun candies then SMASH!

Shop this adorable heart garland here


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