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Turtle Cheesecake Recipe

I honestly was never a big cheesecake lover. I remember one of Ben and I's first dates he ordered cheesecake for dessert and I just didn't get the appeal. Fast forward 12 years and I am obsessed with this Turtle Cheesecake inspired by one of my favourite bakeries, The Sconery. I searched for a way to recreate it while away during the hockey season and came up with this caramel and chocolate flavoured cheesecake that is the perfect combination and will leave you wanting more. I also wanted to make an easy recipe that didn't require all the steps of a traditional cheesecake with a busy toddler running around. There's a lot of cheesecake recipes out there so I combined several ideas, some tips from The Sconery as well as some trial and error.

P.S. I am by no means a chef and am not trained in cooking or baking!

This recipe made 2 pans for me...a traditional cheesecake pan and an 8x8 pie pan! Make sure you push the graham cracker crust up the sides to give that signature edge.

Jacqueline Chiarot's Turtle Cheesecake....


1.5 cups graham crackers

3/4 cup melted butter

4.5 tbsp brown sugar


3.5 blocks of cream cheese

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup greek yogurt

1/2 cup 35% cream

4 eggs

3 tbsp of caramel flavouring (I used Watkins, buy online here)


Mix the crust ingredients together and push into the bottom of your pan (I put parchment in the bottom). - I put parchment on the bottom of the cheesecake pan, and just spray the bottom of the pie pan.Bake at 350 F for 10 minutes. For the cheesecake filling - beat the cream cheese, brown sugar, greek yogurt until smooth. Use a low speed to reduce the amount of air added to the batter, which can cause cracks (If it does crack, don't sweat it you'll be pouring two layers of yummy sauce on top). Add the cream. Add the eggs individually, mixing after each one. Add the extract. Mix on low speed until combined. Pour the batter onto the crust. Bake for 1 hour at 350 F. Add an additional 20 minutes if the filling is still super wobbly. Let cool then top with chocolate ganache topping below. Refrigerate for a few hours until firm. Add the caramel sauce topping and let cool. Refrigerate again or serve right away.

Chocolate Ganache Topping

1.5 cups chocolate chips

1.5 cups whipping cream/heavy cream

Add both ingredients to a pot and heat on the stove on a simmer, stirring often.

Note: 1:1 ratio of cream and chocolate. I use semi-sweet chocolate chips for the convenience factor lol!

Here's a chocolate ganache recipe:

Caramel Sauce Topping

You can make from scratch OR if you're a busy mom like me, buy the pre-made ice cream topping LOL.

1 Container of Caramel Sundae Syrup

Heat in pot on stovetop, add in crumbled pecans.

Here’s a recipe from scratch:

The perfect dish for any holiday gathering or just a weekend at home. Follow me on instagram and tag @thisprettylifexo if you try out the recipe! Happy Baking!

For a more traditional cheesecake recipe check out this one: and this one:


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