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Toddler Gift Guide

Shop some of my fave finds for toddlers this Holiday season! Be sure to scroll to the bottom to check out all of the toddler categories and some of my fave local shops!

Coco Village

We have had several toys over the last 2.5 years from Coco Village and have loved them all! They are based in Quebec and I love that it's a Canadian company. I also love that they have sustainable toys for all ages.

Cuddle & Kind Dolls

Another Canadian company and they give back! Emmerson has several dolls now because she is so obsessed with them! She has all 3 below plus a few more. Check out the link below for more info on their amazing cause!

Learning Toys

Love these learning finds, I'm giving Emmerson some of them for Christmas myself!

Toddler Activities

Emmerson was gifted several of these items and they have provided lots of entertainment for a busy toddler! Santa might even bring one of these toys below this Christmas ;)

4. Plasma Car (Emmerson does laps around our house on this lol!) // Blue & Green Plasma Car

Cushy Couch

We LOVE the Cushy Couch! So much that we have two! It makes an amazing gift and offers countless hours of entertainment. I love that it's a Canadian company with non-toxic materials. They also have the prettiest colours, we have the Oyster and Orchard coloured covers.

Toddler Pretend Play

It's magical to see my daughter enter this stage of pretend play! Their imaginations are so sweet so I love toys that keep them playing.

Some local Toddler faves...

No explanation needed for these amazing shops! Don't leave without checking them out!

2. Adorable Toques (available in Mommy & Me too!)....use code JACQUELINE for a discount!

3. Buckled Up on Babies Shop, Sustainable Rubber Boots

Happy Shopping!


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