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One Room Challenge - Week 4!

I've been a little slow on progress the last two weeks as our house is going through the dreaded school cold & flu season but I had some exciting deliveries that are starting to bring this room to life! Scroll below to see the progress.

As soon as I spotted this sofa I knew it was perfect for the space I'm trying to create....deep enough for adults to curl up with performance fabric, you can't go wrong! Shop it here. This cute chair I grabbed from Target when we first moved in ended up matching the couch perfectly so I think it will stay in here.

The layout is ever changing as well....not pictured here is all the toy storage and large items along the other wall LOL. Stay tuned for that storage reveal.

I'm really loving this rug in here too! Depending on my ever changing wall designs it may need to be swapped out but for now, it has found a home in here.

I'm still stuck on the wall design of this space...partially because my head has been pounding from cold and flu symptoms but also because I change my mind daily on the look I want. It's safe to say something is brewing and that will come in the next few weeks until final reveal!

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Trueman's Treasures
Trueman's Treasures
Oct 23, 2022

I love the rug you added! It looks beautiful!

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