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One Room Challenge - Week 2!

Hi everyone! Not too much to report this week. The light fixture arrived so I'm awaiting that to be installed. It had a ton of glass balls that will need to be placed after install so will document that over on instagram. I'm trying to make a decision on wallpaper still. It's a tough one because there are so many beautiful papers. I've been looking at them in all different lighting and on different walls. Maybe you can help me decide?! See below for some photos of my current options....

Do I go with a floral or animal print? Neutral or colour? Send help!!

Here's a video for a closer look at a few options...always take into consideration different times of day for lighting as well as different weather (like a cloudy or sunny day). I usually leave my samples up for a few days to account for this.

Here's my design board with some furniture pieces and lighting that will be going in the space....

Let me know what you think!

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Trueman's Treasures
Trueman's Treasures
09 oct 2022

I'm loving the wallpaper swatches. We went with Milton and King for our Laundry Room and the quality is top notch!

Me gusta
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