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Master Bedroom Refresh

I had been feeling the itch to create a new vibe in our master bedroom, so I decided it was time to update it this summer...again. I "finished" our bedroom about a year after moving in (we've been in this house 6 years now) but in the last 4 years my taste and style has grown and changed. I wanted this space to feel bright and airy yet comfortable and mature. See below for the details of this room refresh like paint colour, custom furniture and links!

Look below for our bedroom before (on the left) and how our bedroom looked on move in day (right)!

Candace & Basil helped create a beautiful new look with this custom king bed frame below. I'm in love! The linen fabric is a warm white and the untufted look gives it a clean, sophisticated look. You can find this bed frame here. The selections I chose to get this look are: Nokia custom fabric, 62" H head board, no button tufting, straight wings without nailheads, no storage and standard platform height.

The new paint colour is Simply White by Benjamin Moore.

There are still a few things I'd like to swap out for this room to be "complete" in my eyes....which let's face it, it probably never will be LOL. I'm looking to swap out this light fixture, the duvet and maybe some of the accents. Luckily a lot of the accents from the original space have worked so I can slowly change those pieces out over time.

  1. Lamps - Ralph Lauren from Homesense, here are some similar 1 /2 / 3

  2. Artwork above bed

  3. Rug

  4. Custom dog artwork by Dana Mooney

  5. Mirror is from Urban Barn

Custom black out drapery with custom blinds creates a dark space to drift away to sleep and not worry about light coming in when the sun rises. In a perfect world I would update the rod to black and add rings but we are keeping my original choices and luckily pewter is timeless!

Your bedroom should reflect what you want to feel going to sleep and waking up! Want more links? Comment in the box below!


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