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Jacqueline Chiarot Design is a full-service interior design firm

offering classic, timeless designs with a modern touch.


What do you want your space to become? What do you want it to make you feel?


In my opinion, you want your space to emit beauty yet have the comfort of home. You want it to be timeless and livable. I can help you achieve this.

Jacqueline Chiarot, Owner


Simple elegance, timeless beauty & modern accents are what inspire my designs. I love the creativity the world of design offers, the challenge of every new space truly inspires me.

From virtual consults to interior decorating to renovations and home builds, JCD clients will be guided through the process to create a stress-free experience and bring their design dreams to life.

My priority as a designer is to create a functional and beautiful space where you will feel most at home. At JCD, my goal is to create a space where you will feel inspired.


From the beginning of our renovation, Jacqueline’s fresh and innovative ideas brought an elegant and timeless beauty to our upstairs. Jacqueline brought tremendous value to the design process with her eye for details and pulling the whole project together.

Client Testimonial

Jacqueline Chiarot Design
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